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Boys' Brigade Make an Impression at Celebrate Aberdeen Parade

The Celebrate Aberdeen Parade took place on Saturday 9th June 2012. The morning didn't start well weather wise. The rain poured down about 9.30am but our flag bearer, Dan and Jenny Sclater from 44th Company went to Harlaw Academy to pick up our flag and banners.

Gradually, more and more boys started to arrive, some with their parents. Officers and helpers also came to encourage the boys. Some of the boys had gone to Crimon Place to collect our giant balloon.By this time the rain had stopped thankfully.

Some of the boys had whistles and horns and started to make themselves heard. In total, more than fifty of us walked representingThe Boys' Brigade! What a great sight! Northsound even picked us out to chat with! Everyone had a great time. Some went back to BBHQ for refreshments.

Comment from Jim Jamieson, President of Aberdeen & District Battalion : This has been a fantastic opportunity to show the people of Aberdeen that Boys' Brigade is still very much a great part of the city. Everyone had such a good time. Our boys, officers and helpers were so enthusiastic. Congratulations to all who took part! Thanks also to Printagraph for sponsoring us.

Cycling Expo - 23rd June 2012

Join us on Saturday 23rd June 2012 from 10am to 3pm at our Scottish HQ in Larbert as we host a Cycling Expo designed to encourage youth leaders to get more of their young people into the sport.

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Aberdeen Lynx Ice Hockey - Saturday 3rd March 2012

All Companies from Aberdeen Battalion were invited by Aberdeen Lynx Ice Hockey team to their last home game of the season at Aberdeen Lynx Ice Arena.

All sections of the 30th Company and Company Section boys from the 20th Company went along for a fun packed memorable evening!

Aberdeen Lynx faced Dundee Comets in a fast paced action packed game! Unfortunately, they lost 9-1, but all the boys who went along had a great time.

Thanks to Aberdeen Lynx for their special ticket offer - we certainly got value for money!

***Thanks to Allison Stuart of the 30th Company for the report and photos - sounds as though you all had a brilliant time!

Fund-raising is Child’s Play for Youngsters

Royal Aberdeen Children’s Hospital received a huge donation of toys and games from members of the Kintore Boys’ Brigade and Girls Association after they set themselves a serious cycling challenge.

The six youngsters, aged between 11 and 16, decided they wanted to raise money for the hospital after one of their members had keenly expressed a wish to help the children at the hospital.
Fund-raising is Child’s Play for Youngsters

They hit upon the idea of a sponsored cycle with a difference – they would use exercise bikes to cover the distance from Kintore to Glasgow – a total distance of 312 miles, without ever leaving their church hall in Kintore. The bikes, kindly donated by Garioch Sports Centre, Inverurie, allowed the boys to raise £1200 for the hospital.

Company Section leader, Callum Crews said “The effort the boys and girls put in was tremendous”. The money raised is being split equally between the Children’s Hospital and local charity Befriend a Child. Callum’s work colleagues at the Apache Project team of Petrofac generously added a further £530 to the funds for the toys and games. He continued “To be sure of getting the most out of the money, we asked the play service at the hospital to give us a wish list and we’re delighted to be handing over these toys and games”.

Play service leader Heather Beattie said “The whole team has been really impressed by the task the  boys and girls set themselves and the amount of money they raised. The importance of play during a child’s stay in hospital cannot be underestimated and I know these latest additions to the play area will be put to good use”.

Comment from Jim Jamieson, President of Aberdeen Battalion: This is a fantastic effort from everyone who took part. Congratulations and well done!

High Jump Results

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Badminton Competition - Sunday 27th November 2011

The badminton competition took place at Dyce Primary School on Sunday 27th November 2011. Twelve boys representing five Companies took part in the junior competition and fourteen boys representing six Companies took part in the senior competition.

The senior competition was won by Craig McRae representing 47th with the runner up Gaetan Dillon also representing 47th.

The junior competition was won by Craig Rollo representing 35th with the runner up Seb Rogers representing 44th.

All of the boys who took part were a credit to the B.B.


Kirkhill Cycling Competition

This event took place Sunday afternoon 9th october 2011  and 18 boys attended from 47th, 1st Ellon and 1st Skene.

The event went well with the competition winners as listed below.

Senior Downhill:  Calum Ross, (Skene)
Senior Trials:  Ross Christie, (Skene)
Junior Downhill  Lewis King  (Skene)
Junior Technical run:  Nathan Corr (Skene) ,
Junior Trials Ryan  Taylor (47th),

To view a complete set of photographs taken during this event, go to -

Aberdeen & District Batallion - Activities Programme

Click here for the 2011/12 programme.

Training Calendar 2011/12

Introduction to the DofE Scheme
Crimon Place           23 August 2011

Junior Section Ideas Sharing
Crimon Place            28 August 2011
                                    19 February 2012

Brigade Leadership (Enhancing Your Skills)
Badaguish                 24 – 25 September 2011

First Aid
Crimon Place            30 October 2011

Managing Together
Part 1                          available for starting now by going to
Crimon Place           Aberdeen - 20 November 2011

Food Hygiene
Crimon Place            26 November 2011 (This course is on a Saturday and subject to sufficient numbers)

Building Your Skills
Crimon Place            4 December 2011

Youth Leader Training
Crimon Place            Part 1 – 5th February 2012
Crimon Place            Part 2 – 4th March 2012

Queens Badge Completion
Cullen                         10 – 12 February 2012

Camp Craft/ Holiday Leadership
Newhills - Stables    24 March 2012 (Note this course is on a Saturday)



Aberdeen Battaliion Boys' Brigade - Table Tennis Competition

This year the competition was held in BB Headquarters on Sunday 6th November 2011. A total of 26 boys comprising 13 Juniors and 13 Seniors. There were only 7 Companies represented on the day. The results are as follows:-

Junior Singles:
Winner               Ethan Chapman, 1st Skene       
Runner-up         Fraser Cowie, 1st Ellon

Senior Singles:
Winner               Craig Ward, 1st Ellon                   
Runner-up         Gaeyan Dillon, 47th

Junior Doubles:
Winners             Ethan Chapman, 1st Skene (pictured left)/Finn Mackie, 35th (pictured right)
Runners-up       Aaron Blackwood/Michael Mulligan, 44th

Ethan  ChapmanFinn Mackie

Senior Doubles:
Winners             Gaeyan Dillon/Craig McRae, 47th
Runners-up       Craig Ward/David McAllman, 1st Ellon

There was an Open Plate for those knocked out in the Singles First Round but unfortunately this was not completed. Hopefully will be able to complete this properly next year with a trophy for the winner to make it more enjoyable for the boys.

On the day I was indebted to John Robertson for taking out and putting up the tables, Allison Stewart for running the canteen, Mike Finnie for running the Open Plate and Craig Duncan for writing up the sheets and keeping note of winners etc. Lastly a big thank you to Dave Tait, Joint Company Section Chair for presenting the winners trophies on the day.

Hopefully this competition will run next year and hopefully there will be an increase in entries.

Stewart Innes

This competition took place on Monday 13th December 2010. It was the best bowling competition held to date. A total of 32 junior & 11 senior bowlers took part. It was a clean sweep for 1st Portlethen winning Junior, Senior & Team competitions.

A successful Seniors football event took place at Strikers in December with 12 participants.

Transitions Event
Unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances with the organiser this event was cancelled.

High Jump
There were 5 Companies competing in the high jump competition hosted by the 3rd Company. The Junior competition was won by the 3rd with the Seniors being won by a combined team from the 41st & 35th Companies.

Guitar Hero
This was a new event for the Battalion and wasn’t as well supported as we had hoped. Ten boys competed, each playing the same 5 songs to determine the winner. The winning Company was the 44th.



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